Barrie Gas Fireplaces

If you’re looking for a way to stay warm during the cold Barrie winters, a gas fireplace could be right for you. They offer the cozy, luxurious, relaxing ambience of a traditional wood burning fireplace without the upkeep. Fireplace Family can help you design a gas fireplace to custom fit your Barrie home. Whether you want the more rustic, rugged look a traditional fireplace tends to offer, or something more modern and streamlined. 

Our team can easily install gas fireplaces in Barrie homes that don’t have chimneys. Unlike a wood burning fireplace, you don’t have to worry about keeping a constant supply of firewood or consistent maintenance like cleaning. A gas fireplace is a clean, convenient way to heat your home – especially in the cold winters of Barrie or Muskoka.

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How much does a new gas fireplace from Fireplace Family cost?

The cost of a new gas fireplace in your Toronto home depends largely on the model of fireplace you choose and the installation necessary for that fireplace. Whether you want a rustic, traditionally designed fireplace or a more modern and sleek design will affect the price along with the corresponding tasks involved in installing the fireplace in your home.

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Will you install my new gas fireplace?

Not only does Fireplace Family offer a wide range of fireplaces, fire pits, fire tables, stoves, pizza ovens,  and smokers, but our experienced team guarantees your new product will be installed in an orderly and precise manner. In addition to providing installation services, we also perform gas installs, tile and masonry finishes, re-frame and drywall finishing, design and consultation, mantles and custom woodworking, and complete service, repair, and troubleshooting.

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What are some tips for maintaining my new gas fireplace?

There are many important maintenance tasks you should partake in to ensure your gas fireplace works properly and correctly. Some actions you can take to maintain your gas fireplace are cleaning the glass when needed, cleaning the interior periodically, cleaning the gas logs when soot begins to build and discoloration occurs, and have regular periodic inspections completed by your Fireplace Family representative.

Can you install an outdoor gas fireplace?

Yes, an outdoor gas fireplace is a great addition to your outdoor living space and can create a comfortable atmosphere for parties, BBQs, and cozy gatherings with friends and family. Ask an experienced Fireplace Family team member for more information on installing an outdoor gas fireplace.

What type of gas do gas fireplaces use?

In general, gas fireplaces run on either natural gas or propane although the price difference between these two options can often be significant. While most gas fireplaces can burn either type, natural gas is less expensive but produces more heat.

Which gas fireplace is right for my home?

With Fireplace Family’s large selection of fireplaces, choosing the right fireplace for your home or outdoor space can be a daunting task. Depending on where you wish to choose to install your new fireplace, the type of gas you use, and may other variables, the right fireplace for you can vary dramatically.

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